There’s are places in Berkeley and Oakland where miracles happen every day…..

Options Recovery Services has proudly celebrated over 15 years of dedicated service to our clients helping to break the cycle of crime, broken families and homelessness caused by addiction. At Options, we do not just treat addiction, we treat the whole person. We are proud of our history, our donors, volunteers, and staff. Most of all, we are proud of our clients and graduates who have reclaimed their lives from addiction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to break the cycle of addiction which causes homelessness, crime and broken families.
We believe that to be successful, services must be open to anyone and immediately available.
We believe that treatment for alcohol and drug dependency is a human right, regardless of the ability to pay.
Our vision is that one day, society will deal effectively and compassionately with addiction and recovery. Every drug dependent person will have easy and immediate access to addiction treatment and recovery support services with a resultant decrease in crime, homelessness and family dysfunction.